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Stand out on the shelf

In the fiercely competitive world of retail, having a well-crafted brand strategy is absolutely crucial. It goes beyond just logos and taglines. It's about how customers perceive a brand, what they see, the emotions it evokes, and the promises it upholds.

When confronted with a paradox of choice, customers are more likely to choose the brand they trust and are familiar with, failing that they will often choose the brand they perceive as ‘better’ or more aligned to their needs. It’s therefore essential that brands build a strong identity system that establishes a unique and recognisable presence sticking in the minds of their customers - we call these ‘Brand Codes’.

With this new element of trust, brands can actively build loyalty into the mix. To achieve this loyalty it’s vital that brands extend the experience off of the shelf and into the hands of their customers. Better yet, build brand advocacy. Satisfied customers become enthusiastic brand ambassadors who eagerly recommend the brand to others. This is particularly valuable for retail brands that rely on word-of-mouth and customer referrals. The best brands work hard at cultivating a positive image in the minds of  their customers, leading to brand advocacy.

Ultimately it all starts with branding, it’s the foundation of which greater awareness and sales can be achieved. It’s an essential element of any brand, product or business, and sets them apart from competitors paving the way for success in a crowded marketplace. We recommend reviewing your brand codes periodically and understanding what can be done to enhance them, it’s never too late to nurture what you have or evolve with the times.

Mingle SeasoningBrand Evolution

Mingle has taken the seasoning aisle by storm, the all-natural seasoning has shaken up the category and is ready to spread its ingredients across the world. After many years of success as a category disruptor in the Australian grocery food aisle, Mingle decided it was time to grow up and evolve the brand for future (home) Chefs. The challenge? Elevate the brand, its perception and strengthen the brand recognition across all 40+ products (and counting).

BarelyBrand Creation

Barely is an Australian-made intimate skincare brand that’s all about the good stuff for your good bits. We developed a visual language and tone of voice that speaks to women who understand their bodies inside, out.