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Brand Evolution

We’re here for a reason: to help brands like you. To nurture what you’ve already got, and explore what you might become.

Our Approach

Brands don’t necessarily need to change, but they do need to evolve. You might need to reach a new audience, introduce a new product, or simply catch up with the times. This is what we call Brand Evolution. It’s not about scrapping everything and starting from scratch – just improving what’s there already.

We start all Brand Evolutions with a Brand Assessment, Workshop or Strategy Exercise. This helps us (and you) figure out your market positioning. It’s our branding plan of attack.

Once that’s done, we use that information to evolve your Identity System, Key Messages and Assets. The toolkit you’ll need to keep your brand consistent.

Trust us, any brand can feel brand new. It’s never too late to evolve.


Distinctive Brand Evolution
Improved Brand Recognition
Enhanced Brand Codes
Strategic Positioning
Easier Brand Recall
Brand Quality, Perception and Trust
Category Innovation
Retention and Loyalty

Brands we’ve evolved.

Liptember Date Of Birth Design Branding
LiptemberBrand Evolution

Liptember is a charity focused on creating awareness around women’s mental health, with funds raised by participants purchasing and wearing a colourful lipstick throughout the month of September.

VÖOSTBrand Evolution

The VÖOST effervescent range is a quality and fun brand of specifically formulated vitamins and minerals engineered in Germany and targeted at a young Australian audience.

Simply Jellin Date Of Birth Design Branding
Simply Jellin — Coming SoonBrand Evolution

A preview of our refreshed identity for Simply Jellin, a Canadian-based skincare brand.

More soon.

The Base Collective — Coming SoonBrand Evolution

A sneak peek of our refreshed branding for The Base Collective, Australia's first Magnesium brand.

More soon.

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