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Brand Creation

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Our Approach

We’ve done this dance a thousand times. We’re a team of brand creators, strategic thinkers, creative designers and blue-sky dreamers (with a big focus on retail and FMCG).

We understand the process, we understand the industry, and we know how tricky it is to build a brand that gets cut-through.

That’s why every Date Of Birth journey starts with a Brand Strategy – to really nail your market positioning.

Our creative designers then take over and build your Identity System and Assets. This is your brand toolkit, ready to roll across every single touchpoint.

We can also help with taking your brand to market. Whether you need some campaign ideas, or a data-backed Marketing Strategy with all the trimmings – we’re here for you.

Creating a brand is a mindset, a belief to lead change, to innovate and disrupt your industry. It’s time to make everyone stand up, take notice, and build a better world for the future. It’s our role to support, guide and inspire you along the way.

Consider this your Date of Birth.


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Styleguides
Collateral & Stationary
Content Creation
Art Direction
Digital & 3D Design
Category Innovation
Brand Recognition
Category Awareness
Strategic Brand Positioning
Distinctive Brand Design
Complete Identity System
Retail interest & Opportunities
Earned Media
Unique Brand Recognition

Brands we helped create.

ROCCBrand Creation

Meet your new main squeeze, ROCC — the toothpaste that thinks about footprints almost as much as teeth.


Plantein is a range of meat-free plant-based alternatives built on incredible taste and texture and aimed at the fast-growing 'flexitarian' market.

Even Atom Date Of Birth Design Branding
Even AtomBrand Creation

Even Atom is a skincare brand that aims to provide products backed by science but touched by humans. Each product is designed to look clinical, but with a touch of identifying colour — humanity.

Artemis Date Of Birth Design Branding
ArtemisBrand Creation

Artemis is a new range of aroma fragrances designed for the Australian home. The design is created to fit into any home, and is based on interior design trends.

Daily DogBrand Creation

Daily Dog is a dog wellness brand that looks after their wellbeing and reward their taste buds – every single day. We wanted to celebrate all the different colourful personalities your furry friend has through fun, personality driven dog photography and bright colours.

Mageze Date Of Birth Design Branding
MagezeBrand Creation

Mageze is magnesium-based product range that provides effective relief for sports strains and general muscle aches and pains.

Epsom VillageBrand Creation

Epsom Village is a colorful shopping community in Epsom, Victoria that has become the fastest growing retail centre in the fastest growing residential catchment of Bendigo, Victoria.

VINNIBrand Creation

VINNI came to us with a simple idea: to bring you the wines you love, whenever you need them. Like sommeliers on speed-dial.

Coffee Bar Date Of Birth Design Branding Packaging
Coffee BarBrand Creation

Coffee Bar acts as a point of difference to other coffee scrubs in the market that takes messy coffee scrubs and compresses it into a bar. As simple as that.

Delta by Delta Goodrem Date Of Birth Design Branding Packaging
Delta by Delta GoodremBrand Creation

With the objective of engaging her audience beyond her memorable music, Delta and DOB joined forces to create something beautiful, a fragrance encapsulating Delta’s story.

Otto Date Of Birth Design Branding
OttoBrand Evolution

Otto challenges the traditionally cold IT industry, it personifies what IT should be — Humanising Technology. Otto was born from a merger between two businesses, requiring a new name and identity to capture their new phase.

RoamBrand Evolution

Roam Migration Law is an Australian immigration law firm. For this brand, we wanted to express the idea of a world without borders and one that celebrates the movement of people, whether for work or for love.